Julien Vandois

Julien Vandois

Illustrator and concept artist

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Julien Vandois hat das Bild Turtle House hochgeladen

A house made out of a giant turtoise shell...

"The whole is more than the sum of its parts."

Thank you all so much for the positive feedback and the friendly comments !!!

MARACHOWSKA ART represents the highly professional, innovative and captivating art works of Russian born, Berlin based young artist Maria Marachowska. Trough ARTFLAKES she makes them available for interested art lovers looking for high quality reproductions of original paintings and graphic works.

More about MARIA MARACHOWSKA & MARACHOWSKA ART: www.marachowska.com, http://www.youtube.com/user/MARACHOWSKA


Lust auf Leben -
Fotos aus sinnlichem Erleben -
laut und leise -
sinnig und hintersinnig -
Hingabe und Reflektion -
Lust und Wonne -
Schmerz und Schrei -
normal und jenseits des Gewohnten -
mit Lust und Freude -

Freelance / Art Director. Spain (Barcelona)

I was born n 1979 in Gdansk, Poland and I'm currently working as a graphic designer. As a son of a painter and designer I had contact with art in many forms since the very young age. In 2007 I started using computer for drawing and mixing traditional outlines with digital backgrounds and colours, in 2009 I've befriended my own wacom intuos. I try to found inspirations in everyday life and people I meet.

Rachel Caldwell (a.k.a. Thirsty Fly) is a painter and illustrator based in Philadelphia, PA, USA. After earning a B.F.A. from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania—where she studied graphic design, printmaking, and drawing—she worked as a graphic designer and art director for several years. Since 2006, Rachel has spent much of her free time creating pen-and-ink illustrations and surrealistic oil paintings. Artist Statement: "My goal is to achieve a visual experience that is beautiful and serene with clean lines and movement, but that also contains elements of the strange, surreal, or dreamlike. I want to create images that take elements from real life and combine them with unexpected surprises such as replacing owl feathers with ligatures/swashes. If there is an opportunity to exaggerate, I love that, too. I'm drawn to the complex line work involved in creating flowing hair, graffiti, or exposed muscles. I hope my viewer finds a combination of beauty and amusement in my concepts and subject matter."

Julien Vandois hat das Bild Fluffy friendship hochgeladen

Big fluffy panda meet a tiny winged friend.

Julien Vandois hat das Bild Been a Bird hochgeladen

The wingless bird man.