June Keser

June Keser

I'm an illustrator based in Berlin and Rome.

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A graceful woman in golden colored dress.

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A cheerful girl, nature - loving.

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June Keser hat das Bild Don't Grow Up hochgeladen

You don't know what you are getting into :)

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woman, eve, red, apple, bird, pomegranate, flowers, green leaves, world, human, love, peace

I am an illustrator at heart and a graphic designer by trade. My work is inspired by nature, technology, fantasy, science fiction, evolution and the female body.

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This motif is dedicated to the love of my life "Sven" who is the one of the best fathers on earth and to all the daddies in the world.

Hi, I'm a Brazilian artist. I'm a visual communicator and illustrator and i like create new ideas, he you will find illustrations, my sketches and experiences! I promise to finish it all until 2054! But until you followme, stay tunned to see if i finish this things before! See you and thanks! http://www.flickr.com/photos/galatas1/

~anything can happen in a world that holds such beauty~ Peter S. Beagle


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June Keser hat das Bild Carry Your Own Weather hochgeladen

Wherever you go, carry your own weather.