Katharina May

Katharina May

"To have talent is a blessing and art is a passion."

Katharina May was born in Germany and spent every part of her life in art. With an eye from the general to the particular could she self-induced techniques and methods. The opportunity to travel around the world and living on different places gave her the chance to develop and refine her style. Katharina spent time in Europe, where she was born, she traveled through Central Africa and moved to the U.S.A. where she could stay for a while in California, Nevada, Arizona and Montana. So her art became influence of things she have seen and adventures she was taken.

Her main subject is the surrealism and creativity in acrylic painting. Show the unconscious mind and to bring the fantastical into the everyday. Katharina feels also inspired by expressionism and the powerful cubism.

"I want to make people happy! I am exceptionally giftet with art in my blood and I want to bring a little bit more color and imagination in every home, that is what I want." ... and she did already with her paintings!

Katharina also studied photography and has a fantastic eye for remarkable moments. Her love to colors, the mix in materials and the different styles makes her art unique. Currently she is living in Germany and working on different art projects.

You get her art, you get art for your life.

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Katharina May hat das Bild Dragonfly Painting hochgeladen

Dragonfly Painting, Libelle, Insekten

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assistant curator at World Wide Art Books pre-selecting artists and forwarding them to the jury for approval in inclusion in International Contemporary Masters annual art publication. She has helped many artists to boost their careers. Lives in Santa Barbara California

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Katharina May hat das Bild Bunny hochgeladen
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