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kimico folgt jetzt Ana Cruz

Ana Cruz is a digital artist from Portugal, Europe.

Her special passion is Photomanipulation and her main focus is Dark/Gothic art, always with strong emotional charge.
Always aiming for perfection and evolution, Ana started to add painted elements in her work in order to achieve bigger and deeper focus on the visual aesthetics of her art.

Currently, dividing her time with her own freelance business "Ana Cruz Arts", Ana is also geting a Graphic Design course, in order to expand her knowledge and areas of expertise.


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kimico folgt jetzt Mike Nash

Mike was born and lives in England. He has been working professionally for just over three years and runs all aspects of the business himself. Mike is well educated in Art & Design and is qualified to Degree level in Illustration. He currently supplies unique artwork to clients throughout the world for use in books, films and games. Mike has a passion for detail and enjoys capturing atmospheric lighting. Despite his interest in myths and fictitious subjects he tries to harness a sense of realism and history within his art. As a result his work balances on the divide between plausibility and fantasy.

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”amazing.. especially the snake emerging from the picture..“
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kimico folgt jetzt Diego Fernandez

My name is Diego Fernandez, I ́m an Illustrator and art director from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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kimico folgt jetzt Maria Bogade

Maria ist eine freiberufliche Kinderbuchillustratorin und Animationskünstlerin. Sie lebt und arbeitet in Ludwigsburg.

Image Composer and Photographer !

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kimico folgt jetzt Vytis Vasiliunas

I'm young product designer who has a crush on graphic design.

kimico folgt jetzt Rasmus Berggreen

I'm working as a concept artist at the AAA-game developers, IO Interactive, the founders of Hitman.
Here I do all kind of concepts including environments, characters, storyboard and wrapping.

In my sparetime I work on a lot of different personal projects.

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