Kira Leigh

Kira Leigh

ulness of the work.
I take a devil-may-care approach to my artistic practices and refrain from censorship, but couple the line-work with the humor that is inherently me. The work is essentially a collection of psychological self portraits of varying degrees.

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Kira Leigh folgt jetzt Alan Copson

Alan Copson is a professional travel photographer based just outside London.

With the Royal Wedding and London 2012 Olympics fast approaching, Alan's London Picture Project is producing some beautiful images. A selection are available to purchase here.

Please visit for his London blog.

I started taking pictures in my spare time. What started as simple picture taking ended up in something I took more seriously over time. More seriously in terms of preparation, picture shooting, and post processing.

Picture-wise I do not have a particular focus. However, many of my pictures reflect impressions I gather from various trips around the world.

Kira Leigh folgt jetzt David Pinzer

Angefangen hat alles mit Reisefotografie und dem Willen, das Unbekannte und Faszinierende - Menschen, Landschaften, Situationen - in Bildern zu bannen. Inzwischen mache ich auch viel People- und Fashionbilder sowie Natur und Urbex. Geblieben ist die Liebe zu Komposition und Perspektive sowie eher dezenten Farben.

Kira Leigh folgt jetzt Niklas Bolle

Founder & CEO of ARTFLAKES. Likes awesome photography.

Jean du Boisberranger is a french professionnel travel and nature photographer

Kira Leigh folgt jetzt Jess Gibbs

Coast. Snow. Travel. Lifestyle. Beautiful Places.

Kira Leigh hat das Bild ichigo hochgeladen

Watercolors, microns, gel pens on coldpress wtrclr ppr.

Space Loli catalog entry #1. Commentary on strange internet subcultures.

Kira Leigh hat das Bild repent hochgeladen

Watercolors, microns, gel pens on cold press watercolor.

Commentary on hipsters.

Kira Leigh hat das Bild completely organic hochgeladen

Watercolors, gel pens, spray paint, microns on cold press.

A commentary on vegans.

Kira Leigh hat das Bild la princess hochgeladen

Watercolors, gel pens, spray paint, microns, on coldpress paper.

A commentary on creativity.

Kira Leigh hat das Bild ephebophilia hochgeladen

Watercolors, gel pens, spray paint on coldpress paper. Part of a series on strange internet-born sexual subcultures.