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Larry McManus

Larry McManus

For the past 43 years Larry was a Graphic Designer / Photographer adept at helping companies implement their high-profile, image-based marketing programs in a creative cost effective and timely manner. His work has garnered local, regional and national awards.

He is now retired in Colorado Springs and creates fine art photo realistic aviation images.

Since Larry was a kid he has loved anything to do with aviation. While shooting aircraft over the years, he came to the realization that shooting air to air and getting the right angle, background and detail consistently was expensive, time consuming and impossible. So calling on his skills as a designer, he created a photo illustration technique that allows him to design and create beautiful large format detailed aircraft images just the way he wants.

Larry's work has been published and sold around the world and is currently represented by photo houses in New York, Spain, England and California.

He specializes in very large photo realistic aviation images. These images are very detailed and very sharp. All the images are photographed by himself. He uses no computer based programs that automatically create objects, clouds or backgrounds. All his shots are digitally hand combined, re-illustrated and color correct to create the perfect final photo-illustration. This process can take "40 hours" or more of painstakingly detailed work. His work is sold all over the world.

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