Lucia Benzova

Lucia Benzova

I am economics student, age 26, born in Slovakia and world-traveller.

My hobby is my passion: photography (nature, people, details) and painting (aquarell, oil and acryl on canvas)...

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Welcome and thanks for having a look at my portfolio! I'm an Austrian emerging photographer living in Berlin, Germany. My interests range from travel photography, long exposure shots to black and white. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any requests you may have regarding my works. Just e-mail me: tkeuschn [at] googlemail [dot] com . Thank you!


Mein Name ist Franziska und ich komme aus Österreich. Im Moment bin ich noch 16 Jahre alt, gehe in die Schule und mache eine Ausbildung im sozialen Bereich. Fotografie begleitet mich schon einige Jahre meines Lebens und wird immer mehr zur Leidenschaft.
Ich liebe es hinaus zu gehen, Momente und Gefühle einzufangen und hoffe, dass ich dies durch meine Bilder auch vermitteln kann! :)

Ich würde mich sehr über Kommentare und Meinungen zu meinen Bildern freuen, auch damit ich neues dazu lernen kann!

Vielen Dank schon mal im Vorhinein und liebe Grüße,

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I am a photographer living in Lancaster, PA, USA. I have been doing photography for over 50 years, first as a free-lancer (traveling and photographing worldwide), and then as an owner of a photographic business specializing in interior decor photography. I am now only creating and selling Fine-Art Photography. My photographs have been printed internationally and are in a number of private collections. All photographs are printed by me personally to the highest standards of image quality and archival permanence. I offer giclee prints in limited editions of 100 "signed"prints. Prints can be ordered to size and will be printed to those specifications at my discretion to assure the best quality.

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