Leland Howard

Leland Howard

Born in 1953, Leland Howard has made his living in the arts for most of his life. Music was a large part of his life until about 25 years ago when he began to create fine art nature photographic images. Now clients world wide have appreciated and purchased his photographic work for usage rights and office or home décor. His background, talent, passion and willingness to explore rarely visited wild places of the American west all combine in the creation of his insightful and meaningful images. Howard is completely self taught and is now sought after to teach. Reproductions of his work number in the millions and countless lives have been improved from the positive influence of his work.

Published Credits:
Howard’s many credits include diverse publications such as The National Geographic Society, Hallmark, AT&T, Sierra Press, Browntrout, Audubon, Healthy Planet, PhotoGraphic, Far Country Press, Angel Graphics, Portal Publications, Outside, Blue Sky Publishing, Reiman Publications, Smith Western, Sierra Club, Great Mountain West, Western Image, Westcliffe Publishers, Northwest Publications and hundreds more.

Governor’s Take Pride in Idaho Award 2010
NSDAR National Conservation Award 100TH Anniversary Edition 2009
Take Pride in Idaho Award, Department of Commerce 2008
Emmy Nomination, Outdoor Documentary Serious (Picturing Idaho PBS) 2006

Published Books:
Idaho Impressions (Far Country Press)
Idaho Wild and Beautiful (Far Country Press)
Along Montana and Idaho's Continental Divide Trail (Westcliffe Publishers)
Montana and Idaho's Continental Divide Trail: The Official Guide (Westcliffe Publishers)
Utah's Wilderness Areas: The Complete Guide (Westcliffe Publishers)
Backroads of Idaho (Caxton Press)

A Few Reviews:
Governor Dirk Kempthorne: "Your photos are magnificent and you capture the beauty of Idaho perfectly, truly beautiful".

United States Department of the Interior: Mr. Howard’s photographic work is inspirational and has significantly contributed to the success of the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) land conservation program along Idaho’s outstanding Snake River. Mr. Howard’s beautiful Snake River photographs have been used in presentations to Congressional appropriators, nonprofit conservation organizations, and charitable foundations to generate nearly $43,000,000 for private land conservation along the river. Conserving approximately 18,000 acres of private lands via fee title and conservation easement acquisition augments the management federal lands administered by the BLM and the U.S. Forest Service and precludes unfettered development of these popular and sensitive river front properties.

Laura Sarrafan, Photo Editor, The Territory Ahead: I am in awe... not to mention in tears. This morning I received your four prints. Stunning and moving would be a complete understatement.

Jim Peck - Producer, Idaho Public Television:
I wanted to let you know that our program Picturing Idaho has been nominated for an Emmy this year. We couldn’t have it without you and all your help. So pat yourself on the back a bit for giving us such a wonderful story to tell and such amazing images to show. We won the coveted Golden Eagle Award from the CINE Film Festival.
Idaho Public Television, “Picturing Idaho”

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Leland Howard hat das Bild Bull Moose in Autumn Forest hochgeladen

Utah, northern, Bull Moose in aspen forest with autumn color and fresh snow

Das eine Auge des Fotografen schaut weit geöffnet durch den Sucher, das andere, das geschlossene, blickt in die eigene Seele.

Fotografieren bedeutet den Kopf, das Auge und das Herz auf dieselbe Visierlinie zu bringen. Es ist eine Art zu leben.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Schönheit beglückt nicht den, der sie besitzt,
sondern den, der sie lieben und anbeten kann.

Hermann Hesse

Alle von mir veröffentlichten und hier zum Verkauf angebotenen Aufnahmen unterliegen dem Urheberrecht und dürfen ohne meine ausdrückliche Einwilligung nicht verwendet, vervielfältigt oder veröffentlicht werden!
All images are copyright © C. Herrmann

I am a person of many passions. Photography is one of them. Thank you for taking the time to look at my portfolio.

Leland Howard hat das Bild Harbor Lake Reflections hochgeladen

Idaho, central, Harbor Lake in the Bighorn Crags area at sunset in the Frank Church River of no return Wilderness area

Leland Howard hat das Bild Yellowstone River Lightning hochgeladen

Montana, east, lightning and thunder shower over the Yellowstone River

Leland Howard hat das Bild Rain Storm hochgeladen

Wyoming, north, Rainstorm and light rays over the Bighorn Basin

Leland Howard hat das Bild Double Rainbow hochgeladen

Wyoming, north, Double rainbow over the red bentonite hills in the Bighorn Basin area

Leland Howard hat das Bild Lily Lake hochgeladen

Wyoming, west, Coloful sunset and rainbow over Lily Lake in the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

Leland Howard hat das Bild Rain Patterns hochgeladen

Wyoming, north, Rainstorm and light rays over the Bighorn Basin

Leland Howard hat das Bild Lightning Drama hochgeladen

Idaho, east, Panoramic of a dramatic lightning storm over the Snake River Valley

Leland Howard hat das Bild Mountain Creek Sunrise hochgeladen

Montana, Sunrise through mist and fog at West Rosebud Creek in the Absaroka Beartooth Mountains

Leland Howard hat das Bild Owl Window hochgeladen

Montana, east, Great Horned Owl (Tiger Owl) in window of old barn with red textured wood in Treasure County

Leland Howard hat das Bild Moose Teton hochgeladen

Wyoming, Teton National Park, Moose in pond under the Teton Range

Leland Howard hat das Bild Buffalo Wild hochgeladen

Wyoming, west, Buffalo herd under the Tetons in Teton National Park

Leland Howard hat das Bild Nature's Glory hochgeladen

Idaho, central, lightning storm over the White Cloud Mountains at sunset