Marc Stephan

Marc Stephan

Amateurfotograf und freier Mitarbeiter der Lokalpresse.

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Marc Stephan hat das Bild Geradeaus hochgeladen
Marc Stephan hat das Bild Sonne im Ried hochgeladen

Blick auf das Naturschutzgebiet "Bingenheimer Ried" in der Wetterau, Hessen, im Dreieck Heuchelheim, Gettenau und Bingenheim.

Marc Stephan hat das Bild Felder in der Wetterau hochgeladen

Blick auf die Felder der Wetterau zwischen Dauernheim und Geiß-Nidda.

Marc Stephan hat das Bild Lady mit Kragen hochgeladen

Geheimnisvolle Lady mit Kragen.

Marc Stephan hat das Bild zum Wagen hochgeladen

Ich bring' dich zum Wagen und du meckerst nur.

Ironisches Bild, typisch Frau, typisch Mann. Da tut man als Mann alles und sie ist nicht zufrieden.

Colin Hyman is a British professional photographer, born in 1951 in the year of the rabbit. His wife is a famous Chinese actress, with whom he shares an avid interest in mysticism. He held his first solo mystical fine art photography exhibition at the FRINGE club at Central in Hong Kong in July 2010. Beginning his career in engineering, he used memo motion, an interest shared by Salvador Dali. Besides a degree in organisation studies at Lancaster University, he has postgraduate qualifications in mathematics and information systems management.

Graphic Designer & Illustrator from Sweden.

Marc Stephan folgt jetzt pepo

a freelance graphic designer

...aus der Schweiz, in der Nähe von Thun

Winner Px3 (2014) - Prix de la Photographie Paris mit "Zero" - Category Non-Professional Fine Art Architektur

Hey y'all!

I'm a graphic designer from Senegal.
What else to say?
Well I love design (what designer doesn't?), basketball and electronics.

Enjoy and...follow me with way more arts to come ;-)

At 27 years old, I am a graphic designer by trade and fine artist at heart. A full-time college student at The Art Institute of New York City, I am earning my degree in Graphic Design. I am known as an obsessed designer and a compelled artist.

I have enjoyed painting and drawing for the past two years. My media of choice; pastels and charcoal. I adore how this dry media provides me with a very intimate experience. Being able to intergrate myself through touch, feeling the paper through the pastels as it guides me. The whole process of creating becomes a very surreal moment for me...

I have noticed few can have such an appreciation for dry media. So as a result, I seek inspiration from past great pastel artists such as, Schiele, Munch, and Monet. Their beautiful distortions of the human figure and emotions, I cannot help but be enthralled with.

I also enjoy water based media as well, such as watercolors, ink, and coffee. Collage and photomontage are another free unpredictable media I enjoy.

I have been earning my trade in graphic design since I was 14 years old. As an adult I am just now learning the true technicalities of it all, which I find fascinating. I cannot help but be more attracted to the design aspect, as it adheres to a strong set of rules and guidelines. Although I do love unpredictability, being a graphic designer offers me some guidelines I must follow in my life.

Through it all, I have earned several online and print publications, exhibits, and recognition, for my artwork. I hope through my art and designs to awaken raw emotions from the viewer. I sell various prints of my artwork and designs. I also offer commissions. Currently, I have a book published featuring some of my most popular pieces. All proceeds earned from this book, will go to charity. My book titled, 'Art=Freedom' can be purchased here on my website @

Welcome to S. Bruett ́s Photographs

Photography is my great passion. To see how I see these things... Stefan
Multidisciplinary artist, Pintaycolorea participated at innumerous international events. Her work reflects her knowledge and multimedia artist personality, capable of expressing herself with different means like computer graphics, illustration, serigraphy, 3D and video which she intermixes during her colored shows.

The fact that (in the conventional sense) is technically incorrect photography can be emotionally effective than a technically flawless image will appear shocking to those who are naive enough to believe that technical perfection constitutes the true value of a photo.
Andreas Feininger