Marwa Sameer Morgan

Marwa Sameer Morgan

A twenty two years old Egyptian Muslim girl interested in Arts and culture. A 22 years aged pharmacy student who started photography in 2008 as a serious amateur. Worked on 3 projects aiming at showing the real Egyptian culture through different Elements: Places and people (Fiha Haga Helwa “There’s something special about it”, 100 wesh w wesh “100 faces and a face” and Exploring the unexplored). I have participated in around 20 national exhibitions and 5 international exhibitions.I am also winner of a number of national awards as EU’s first photography award in 2008, Recierca e Cooperazione competition in 2009, and a regional award (UNICEF MENA’s photography award for youth for the year 2011). I did some freelance work as a commercial photographer for some local agencies.

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Mohammed Ali Mosque, One of the characteristic mosques built in the Ottoman Era in Cairo. It has a clear Turkish style and it's present inside the great Castle of Saladin.

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Al Ghoury Dome from inside.

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An Inside view of the dome of Mohammed Ali Mosque.

This mosque was built between 1830 and 1848, it's the largest mosque mosque built in the 1st half of the 19th century.

The Architect was Turkish so the Turkish style is clear, especially that it was built to resemble a Turkish mosque in Istanbul called Yeni Mosque.

The use of two levels of domes gives a much greater sense of space than there actually is. The central dome rises on four arches standing on colossal piers. There are four semicircular domes around the central dome. There are four smaller domes on the corners as well. The domes are painted and embellished with motifs in relief.

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Nile view from Manial area, Cairo.

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Inside Amr Ibn Al A'as mosque.