Maxim Bagdasarov

Maxim Bagdasarov

My name is Maxim Bagdasarov, I paint, digital art, concept art, illustrations ...

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Tânia Santos, fashion designer from Portugal.

Illustrator, Concept Artist, Digital Painter

Freelancer Illustrator, graduated in Visual Arts, living in Londrina - Brazil. Loves collecting toyarts and also do some nice illustrations to make someone's day a little bit better.

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Heya :)

Ich heiße Jessy aka Ness, bin 21 Jahre alt und wohne in der Nähe von Stuttgart.

Ich fotografiere und zeichne sehr gerne.

Bei Fragen oder Anregungen bin ich jederzeit per E-Mail erreichbar. Schreibt mich einfach an ;)

Hi and welcome to my gallery!
I am a Freelance graphic artist settled in Dusseldorf, Germany.
I spend most of my time drawing and animating and if I'm not drawing, I feed my imagination with all sorts of goodies (stretching from getting deep into the writings of J.R.R Tolkien down to staring at the spider in the corner of my garden window)
Hope you will enjoy my doodles!

Wish you all the best and take care!

Ich bin Vorruheständler und mache Computerkunst mit POVRAY und mit Mandelbulber. Meine Bilder sind alle programmiert. War früher Software Entwickler.

Das Programm POVRAY gibt es bei
herunterzuladen. Wie man Bilder mit POVRAY macht, wird dort unter Documentation beschrieben.

Das programm Mandelbulber gibt es unter runterzuladen.

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”thanks for an assessment, it inspires! This history preceded "morning beer"))“
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... morning beer, two on the river bank talk, summer))

I'm a polish architect and watercolour artist. I graduated from Warsaw Faculty of Architecture and now I focus on drawing and graphic design.
As I'm a daydreamer I love to retreat into the world of my imagination. My favourite theme is medieval and fantasy architecture.
On my blog you can see how I painted my works "step by step"