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”Cleverly conceived and worked loredana, I like it very much“
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I am a believer in the power of beauty, nature, and animals to heal our bodies, hearts, and spirits. 

I see the uniqueness in every living being as a momentary gift to be treasured. And so it is this need to capture the life force, to enhance and celebrate it, and even give it life long after it has faded, that gives meaning to my work.

Many of the animals I paint have a spiritual quality with the power to heal hearts and spirits, if one is open to their message. Creating, learning, and growing artistically have kept the joy alive and it is my passion to bring healing joy and beauty to others.

Painting wildlife and nature, color and detail, are my passions. I have a fine art background in oil painting, however I really enjoy the freedom of the digital medium as it stimulates my imagination and offers so many exciting possibilities. I explore art programs, like Photoshop, still using brushes to paint, but now the computer screen is my canvas. Some of my art is painted entirely in Photoshop. I also love blending reality and fantasy together and I sometimes combine photo sources and painting techniques to create my unique mixed medium images that I call living art

My Language of Flowers series was inspired by my fascination with the colors and textures of flowers, and the way they always speak to my heart. My Spirit Of The Wild series was inspired by my love for animals. Many of the creatures in this series are or were at one time among the endangered species. I believe each has something precious and special to give to all of us and each painting is a tribute to these amazing creatures, where I strive to capture their essence.

My art is licensed by various companies and selling on products worldwide. My work can be seen on The Mountain T-shirts, The Bradford Exchange Collectible Plates, Tree Free Greetings, Decal Girl electronic devices, Zagg electronic devices, SunsOut Puzzles, and many other companies.

I currently exhibit my work in several Colorado galleries, and my art is in private collections all over the world. My art has also been published in various magazines, book covers, as well as art books
Copyright Notice: My images do not belong to the public domain and may not be used for any purpose without my permission. All artworks in this portfolio are copyrighted and owned by the artist, Carol Cavalaris. All rights reserved.

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”OMGoodness Trudi, this really is magical... beautiful!“
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Acrylic paint and collaged headdress.