Martin Sully

Martin Sully

Graphic Designer by day, Photographer by night.

I work hard as a designer during the week, so I spend most weekends and holidays searching the most amazing landscapes, waiting for the light.

Photography has always been my passion. At the age of 3 my Dad gave me a very old (unfortunately broken) Pentax SLR camera, so the only thing I could do was pretend to be a photographer.

As I grew up I used the family camera on holidays, when I reached the age of 18 I experimented with the film to create double exposures in the dark room of our college, whilst learning composition and being creative with my very first point and shoot digital camera.

The time came to get a DSLR. Whilst I was at University studying Graphic Design, I used my photography as part of my work, organising photoshoots outside of my course work to earn money on the side.

Since then I've been travelling the world, shooting landscapes, friends and families.

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