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Natalie  Behle

Natalie Behle

Anfang des Jahres habe ich meinen Abschluss als Kommunikationsdesignerin in die Tasche gesteckt und arbeite nun als freischaffende Illustratorin in Frankfurt am Main :)

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Illustrator and doll sculptor from Spain.
Some of my works are "Synkope" (book published by Norma editions) and Engendrito ball jointed dolls.
I love use any type of technique to draw; traditional or digital.
Moreover, I like photography :)

Working in the field of illustration, design and photography, I use both traditional and digital techniques. You can find different techniques and subjects in my portfolios. I have worked in the field of illustration, conceptual, design (character, fashion, posters...), comics, photography...

I've received a Bachelor of Illustration degree from Universidad de Bellas Artes de Valencia after studying the last year abroad in the FH Mainz, in Germany. I'm currently located in Spain working as a freelancer.

DarlinDesign consists of two professional artists, Darren and Linda Jackson. Collectively our skills cover traditional canvas and wood panel painting, digital design, concept art, 3d rendering, comic, fine art and fashion design.
We illustrate, design and paint with the sky as the limit. Our passions are glamourous Pin-ups and scary Horror-art. We are freshly starting up this business but prints, dresses and designs will be available in the future, as well as the opportunity to get yourself or someone you know portrayed as a delicious pin-up or a ghastly ghoul.

if you would like to see more of my work go over to my Google+Plus page :D
the link is right above

Grafik-Designer & Illustrator aus Heidelberg, Germany

Hello I am Paola , I love create, I spent all of
my childhood and part of youth in cold Patagonia, Argentina.
I studied arts and design in Buenos Aires.
I lived in Buenos Aires, Palermo till 2007 then I moved to Villa Giardino, Cordoba, where I am living till now, with my hubby and daughter , 3 dogs and one cat!
I love challenges and discover new ways to create.
Featured in Paper

Contemporary Doll Collector ( Julio 2009)
Frankie Magazine Autralia ( interview, Mayo 2009)
Small Magazine ( doll review)
The doll collector (...

Funny Stuff & CO :)

Born and living in Gdansk, Poland.

My name is Franco Viglino, I was born the 19th August1986 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I am an illustrator and graphic designer, I draw comics too. I did the art for two indy comics for USA. (Bryan and Bobby , graphic novel 120 pages graphic novel, and Corpus Christy and the black capped girls , 4 issues miniserie).
I also did freelance stuff for digital media and school books.

I'm an illustrator and designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

hallo ich bin bildermacherin
- ich (mag) mache bilder mit / in:
- liebe / lust / leidenschaft
- gefühle
- momente
- fantasie
- inspiration
- intuition
- licht/schatten
- augen / augenblicke/ blickwinkel
- hände / knipsfinger / filterfinger ;0))
canon powershot sx20is / eos 40d
- pc
- bildbearbeitungsprogramme
- farbe / monochrom
schrilles / wildes / abstraktes
minimales / verblastes / vergilbtes / gecrosstes
scharfes / unscharfes
schräges / gerades
im rahmen / rahmenloses
scheinbares / unscheinbares
lautes, schreiendes, brülllendes
leises, besinnliches, meditatives
sinnlich wie sinnloses ;0))
quatsch, sach und auch schonmal lachgeschichten......

Natalie Behle hat das Bild I do what I want hochgeladen

Für alle, die sowieso machen was sie wollen ;)

Ich bin 1987 in Kaiserslautern geboren. Zur Zeit arbeite ich an meiner Diplomarbeit in Kommunikationsdesign in Saarbrücken.
Meine Bilder entstehen hauptsächlich digital.