Nestor Alvarez Zeballos

Nestor Alvarez Zeballos

I am an old school photographer. From films and developing rooms, I bring back the romanticism of the whole process. I taught myself the digital discipline of photography, and this enabled me to develop without the restrictions of defined process. I was unafraid of making mistakes and this led to developing new innovative ideas.

Developing my skills in the bohemian town of Valparaiso, Chile, I did not have access to all the sophisticated tools of photography. But this worked to my advantage as I have learned to develop my natural raw creativity skills. I forced myself to find new ideas and images within my environment and I am proud of my personal photography development.

I worked as a Fashion Editor for a vibrant magazine in Italy called Positive for about 3 years. This opportunity arose from previous successful work for some Chilean magazines . I have also made some contributions for International magazines such as “Max” from Germany and "Dazed and Confused” in the U.K.

The global exposure of my work brings me huge personal satisfaction. With my growing photography exposure across Europe and Latin America, I feel confident and excited about bringing my ideas and images to a larger audience. New opportunities will lead me to develop my ideas, and I am very enthusiastic about the future.

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