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nick cocozza

nick cocozza

I am a Scottish illustrator and street artist.

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nick cocozza hat das Bild From Behind Bars hochgeladen

An piece i done for illustration and poetry magazine "Popshot".

nick cocozza hat das Bild Berlin Collage hochgeladen

A collage of photographs, drawings and text that i gathered during my 2month stay in Berlin.

nick cocozza hat das Bild The Mara hochgeladen

This is a piece from my "gangs" project, it focuses on the notorious L.A/El Salvadorian gang: Mara Salvatrucha (MS:13)

nick cocozza hat das Bild Dying For A Cup Of Tea hochgeladen

This was a project i done while at art college. I received two random words out a box, "kettle and graveyard", i had to combine these two words and create a conceptual screen-printed poster. This was the result...

nick cocozza hat das Bild Territory hochgeladen

Part of the "UK gang culture" series. This piece explores the notions of gang territories.