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Noah Sow

Noah Sow

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Noah Sow is an artist, musician, author, playwright, producer, scholar and activist. Their focal points are art, critical media analysis as well as and counter-racism economy and practice. Noah Sow has been holding lectures, speeches and readings in universities and media around the world. She has been touring the globe as a musician, music producer and performance artist for over two decades and releases music on her own record label "Jeanne Dark Records".
In 2001, Noah Sow founded Germany’s first Black media watchdog, ‚der braune mob‘. Her book Deutschland Schwarz Weiß (2008, C. Bertelsmann, Random House) is a standard text in education about structural racism in Germany.
Noah Sow focuses on art production that challenges the fundament of body//gaze, through conceptual performance, film and visual art.

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Noah Sow: Künstlerin, Musikerin, Autorin, Produzentin, Theoretikerin, Aktivistin. Schwerpunkte: Kunst, kritische Medienanalyse, Normalitätskonstruktionen sowie Ökonomien und Praxen von Rassismusbekämpfung. Noah Sow hält weltweit Vorlesungen, Vorträge und Lesungen in Universitäten, auf Kongressen und in den Medien. Als Musikerin tourt und produziert sie seit über zwei Jahrzehnten weltweit und veröffentlicht auf ihrem eigenen Plattenlabel Jeanne Dark Records.
2001 gründete sie Deutschlands erste Schwarze media-watch-Organisation, der braune mob. Ihr Buch Deutschland Schwarz Weiß (2008, C. Bertelsmann, Random House) wurde zu einem Standardwerk für die Auseinandersetzung mit strukturellem Rassismus in Deutschland.
Noah Sows Kunstproduktion fordert filmisch, performativ und gegenständlich das Körper//Blick-Fundament heraus.


Copyright der abgebildeten Werke: Noah Sow und VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn,

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Noah Sow hat das Bild Before Birth - Vor der Geburt hochgeladen

My image of what it's been like in the womb before birth.
"Aussicht" im Mutterleib vor der Geburt.
Noah Sow, 2017

Noah Sow folgt jetzt Budi Kwan

I am a graphic designer. You can check my works here:

Noah Sow hat das Bild epic desktop hochgeladen

digital art, glitch art, screen collage
Noah Sow, 2014

Noah Sow hat das Bild Nachricht an das Geschäft hochgeladen

digital art, glitch art, collage

The title and a line in the screen read »Nachricht an das Geschäft« (message to the store).

Noah Sow, 2014

Noah Sow hat das Bild Nachricht an das Geschäft hochgeladen

digital art, glitch art
The title and a line in the screen read »Nachricht an das Geschäft« (message to the store).

Noah Sow, 2014

(english description below)

Druck aus einer Typografie und Ruptur (Collage) auf Papier von Noah Sow. Cover des Buches »Deutschland Schwarz Weiß« in der E-book-Version 2015. Es existieren von den Drucken drei Originale im Siebdruck, die gezeigt werden und gesondert erhältlich sind auf


«Deutschland Schwarz Weiß Cover« Print from ruptured collage, Noah Sow, 2015

Screen print from typography and ripped paper work by Noah Sow. It is the original of the book cover »Deutschland Schwarz Weiß« from the e-book issued in 2015 (original book by C. Bertelsmann, Random House, 2008). There also exist three original screen prints, signed by the artist, which can be seen and requested at

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Noah Sow folgt jetzt Dana O'Donnell

Allison Gardiner is an illustrator, designer, and sculptor from Detroit, Michigan. Her personal brand-The Ministry for Propaganda- seeks to bring information, humor, and pop-culture awareness to the public via clever and aesthetically pleasing broadside, postcard, and
t-shirt designs. Areas of concern include- but are not limited to- history, film, British television, and mustaches.

Noah Sow folgt jetzt Aleyah Solomon

Photographer and conceptual artist specializing in portraits, fashion, and design.

Auditor by profession, Artist by possession, Animator by passion, Blogger by provocation, Photographer by avocation

Lordh is an Amsterdam based graphic designer and member of Hello, Savants! collective.
His experience takes place from graffiti, lettering, typography as well as modern art from which he draws the feeling for proportion, balance and aesthetic harmony which emerge in his compositions.
An important source of inspiration is also astronomy and its imagery which appears revisited in his artworks.
Points, lines and shapes are combined in synergy to come to a sense of minimalism, dynamism and order; reaching a sharp representation of the connections between moving objects.

Noah Sow folgt jetzt jess douglas

I currently live in Plymouth, but grew up on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, and the sunny seaside of Dorset. From grass to grey my journey has brought me to Plymouth city where I found my work rebelling against my country upbringing and reflecting a growing interest in the grunge and grime of the urban environment. Everything I discover around me has potential... urban detritus, peeling paint and filthy concrete structures. I find the ugly and mundane to be beautiful, its character and stories inspiring. Illustrator and printmaker. Age:24 -Female- Contact:

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Belgian illustrator and graphic designer. /

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UK Based Photographer & Digital Artist. As well as selling images here on Art Flakes, I do also have an extensive portfolio of my work on I trust you will enjoy this work on your wall as much as I have enjoyed creating it :)

Illustrator and collage artist from Belgium

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I live in Seeley Lake , MT which is located in the Seeley/Swan valleys of western Montana. I am a retired Special Education teacher. I have been taking images since the late 60s and I now am able to print, mat and frame my own images. Please check out my website for more detail.

I am currently moving in to doing more Black and White so check out the new images I just added.

If you're ever in Montana please stop in. Just send me an email to let me know and I'll give you directions on how to find me.

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My name is Charles, Please visit my instagram account :)