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Es sind sowohl die großen räumlichen Zusammenhänge als auch die Summe und Vielfalt aller scheinbar zweitrangigen Details, die jeden Ort zu etwas Unverwechselbaren machen.

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Oliver Krug hat das Bild sellin winter sunset hochgeladen

seebrücke von sellin im sonnenuntergang, schneebedeckter strand

Oliver Krug hat das Bild tynemouth beach hochgeladen

tynemouth beach in nordengland

Oliver Krug hat das Bild dubai skyline hochgeladen

dubai skyline mit burj khalifa, autobahn, tankstelle und palmen

Jordan Soliz is a painter/designer working in Houston, Texas. His current series of paintings is inspired by film, pop culture and the gaming world. Jordan simply aims to lighten the work day of people everywhere, if only for a few moments. Jordan is available for private commission and commercial work. http://www.jordansoliz.com/

Lukáš Brežák (founder of Surgery Minor Crafts) is a Brno based Freelance Artist, Illustrator, Designer, 3D Artist and Photographer.

Hallo liebe Kunstliebhaber,

ich bin Fotografin, Mutter und Ehefrau. Hier seht ihr eine kleine Auswahl meiner Bilder, die euch hoffentlich gefallen und eventuell bei euch ein neues zu Hause finden.

Ich liebe, was ich tue und versuche immer einen schönen Moment mit der Kamera festzuhalten.


Hello fellow Artlovers,

I am a photographer, mom and wife. Here you can find a small amount of my images that you will hopefully like and enjoy and maybe they will even find a new home with you.

I love what I do and I am always trying to capture a special moment.

Simon Zangger, born 11.08.1990, lives in Zurich, Switzerland. He discovered his passion for photography in a course about black & white photography while attending secondary school.
„What fascinated me most was the whole process, beginning with the picture taken and ending with its appearance in the developing bath.”
Shortly after this course, he began to develop pictures in his own cellar. He started an apprenticeship in a photo shop in Zurich and attended the Vocational College of Art and Design. In summer 2010, he successfully terminated his apprenticeship and took an internship at the Zurich-based film and video production company Scorproduction.

“There is one scene, one subject. One can look at it this way or that way, and everyone sees something different in it. One has to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary. To me, photography is exciting. It means waiting for the right moment, triggering in the decisive split second, and creating something consistent.”

Time runs and flows, and only death catches up with it. Photography is a guillotine capturing the one instant which had blinded it. – Henri Cartier-Bresson

Milena Ilieva is originally from Bulgaria, living in The United States. She loves color, and everything that brings smile and positive thinking. To follow her on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/digital.art.milieva, Blogger - http://www.milenailieva.blogspot.com

Thank you for visiting my gallery.
I am a London based mixed media artist. Combining photography, paint and collage, I explore the line between the conscious and unconscious; the spoken and unspoken.
See more at www.catherinehollens.nailinthewall.com

Oliver Krug folgt jetzt luari

LU and RI is a couple living together and trying to show,that the animals have wide spread of feelings and they can suffer at least as humans.

We are showing through our art that we really like them and we not dividing the species into groups. We think that everyone of us have the same right for living.

And yes,we are vegans...

I am an artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I studied graphic design at the University of Johannesburg and graduated with BTech degree in 2003. I'm also a co-founder of a hiphop pioneering group, Skwatta Kamp, also based in South Africa. I enjoy anything that is art.

Monica Andino is an illustrator/letterer/designer living in Central America and working for the world.

Suckingfish is Bulgarian visual artist working in the area of illustration and mix-media painting.

Oliver Krug folgt jetzt Jon Howlett

Born in 1979, Jon Howlett spent his formative years in England's picturesque Lake District. Inspired from a early age to paint, he already won his first National Art prize by the age of eight and the Art Cup followed in his final year of school. He went on to study Graphic Design at Teesside University. Jon relocated to Invermere, British Columbia in 2004. He immediately fell in love with the mountains and the wildlife. He currently resides in Panorama, British Columbia with his wife and two young children. Jon expresses his passion for nature, wildlife and spectacular scenery through his art. And he only hopes his audience can feel some of that pleasure when they view his work.