Paola Zakimi

Paola Zakimi

Hello I am Paola , I love create, I spent all of
my childhood and part of youth in cold Patagonia, Argentina.
I studied arts and design in Buenos Aires.
I lived in Buenos Aires, Palermo till 2007 then I moved to Villa Giardino, Cordoba, where I am living till now, with my hubby and daughter , 3 dogs and one cat!
I love challenges and discover new ways to create.
Featured in Paper

Contemporary Doll Collector ( Julio 2009)
Frankie Magazine Autralia ( interview, Mayo 2009)
Small Magazine ( doll review)
The doll collector (...

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Paola Zakimi hat das Bild Dutch ABC, Tiere ABC hochgeladen

A Variation from my German ABC.

Paola Zakimi hat das Bild Astronauts, Poster hochgeladen
Paola Zakimi hat das Bild My tree House. hochgeladen

Children nursery wall decor, My treehouse!

Dream big, fox sleeping, poster quote

Children wall decor.

Poster quote for children, live a fabled life.

This little one is very Brave!
Be breve little one!

Paola Zakimi hat das Bild Unicorn Baby hochgeladen

Baby Unicorn Poster.

Paola Zakimi hat das Bild Antonia Portrait hochgeladen

Portrait of a girl with a parrot,

Paola Zakimi folgt jetzt Rike Beck

I am a young artist from Germany. I live and work in Berlin.
For news feel free to visit
My artwork comprises graphics, paintings, conceptual designs as well as their practical realization. I am influenced by many things as music, books, theatre and all the ordinary things around. If you like my artwork you can find more of them and further information about me at

Welcome to my gallery!