Patricia Dinu

Patricia Dinu

Patricia Dinu was born in Bucharest in 1981
and since 2000, she has lived in Milan, Italy.

From 2000 to 2008, Patricia started her career
as a model. She then became familar with the
world of Fashion Photography.

Later, she developed a passion for Digital Art
and photography while obtaining certification
for Adobe Photoshop CS4 Expert / 5
and Illustrator CS4 / 5.

Her works are published in the magazine
"Photoshop Creative Magazine".

In 2011, she participated in the Canon
Academy courses, "Fundamentals of
Photography 2" and, "Workshop" with
the acclaimed photographer Erminio Annunzi.
This same year she began
studying at the Italian Institute of Photography
in Milan.

In 2012, in parallel with her courses at the
School of Photography of Milan, Italy, she
studied in New York with the acclaimed
photographer Amy Stein, to produce the work
entitled "Social Landscape".

In the near future her plan is to open a gallery
to exhibit her own works and those of
emerging artists.

??? COPYRIGHT NOTICE ???: ALL MY ART PIECES ARE REGISTERED COPYRIGHT WITH ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: © Patricia Dinu. The purchase of any my prints do not transfer reproduction rights.

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