Patricia Dinu

Patricia Dinu

Ach, wie schade! Wenn Du diesen Text siehst, bedeutet das, dass Patricia Dinu bisher noch nichts über sich verraten hat. Wir hoffen sehr, dass sich das ganz schnell ändert!

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Daniel Soriano Correa - Photographer - Santiago de Chile.

Image Composer and Photographer !

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Ali is an illustrator and designer based in Istanbul which he is mostly inspired by.
He makes illustrations for worldwide textile brands and many Turkish advertisement agencies.

My artwork is a glimpse of dreams I have had, or would love to live. I am a photographer, a graphic designer, and a fine artist. I have a love of nature, animals, trees, dragons, angels, candles, and the beautiful night sky.

She was selected by Bologna children's book fair 2011 and by Annual Illustratori 2011 (2009, 2010). In 2011 her works was exibited in Japan at Ishikawa Nanao Art Museum,Takahama Kawara Museum, Otani Memorial Art Museum and Itabashi Art Museum.
Caterina Baldi (03/06/1983) graduated from the School of the Book of Urbino, with a degree in Literature at the University of Milan and Visual Arts Academy of Brera, Erasmus University of Leeds (UK). Try to travel and to read as much as possible. Ranging from illustration to graphic design. She works in Italy and abroad. During the Hight School, she has received several awards for the animated short film The Train (2002).

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Toronto based graphic designer and illustrator.

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”wow...amazing... very very nice!!!“
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”he he... so cute !!!“
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”very nice.. I like it!!!“
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”very it !!!“
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