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In a country that is still obsessed with past sensibilities of the “All American Dream”, we find ourselves face to face with idealized versions of happiness. Simultaneously, our media, government and even our religions seem corrupt with perverts, fear mongers and thieves. Although our leaders preach purity and morality, our televisions send a very different message. They spew sex and violence in between every commercial - commercials that sell happiness in the form of products and pills. Unfortunately, our society seems simply to pretend that everything is fine and dandy.

In response to this dichotomy, I have been creating an ongoing series of works entitled “The All American Nightmare.” These works juxtapose the happiness and hope of the American Dream alongside the violence and perversion of reality. The viewer is visually assaulted by the depiction of moments of joy brutally interrupted with violence and terror. Humorous and morbid imagery is joined with aesthetically arresting colors and patterns. The result is an alarming combination, forcing the viewer to evaluate conventional morals and values.

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