Rafael Mora

Rafael Mora

Hello you all, I am Rafael a young artist from Guatemala and I relly hope you like my work

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Rafael Mora hat das Bild Muses hochgeladen

some beautiful guatemalan beauty muses, they represent art, music and theatre.

Rafael Mora hat das Bild Arches hochgeladen

This is an historical building, back in the times of the colony this was the economycal center not only for the country but to all central america, in here we signed the independence act.

Rafael Mora hat das Bild The Portal hochgeladen

In Antigua Guatemala, there are some historical buildings, this is one of them, in here was once stablished the government not just of Guatemala but the whole Central America and also in here was signed the independance on the September 21st of 1821.

Rafael Mora hat das Bild Reflections from Antigua hochgeladen

In Guatemala, there are public spaces for people to hang out and conversate, in times when Guatemala was a Spanish colony, the women concentrated here to gossip, chat and wash their clothes, if you pay attention you can see some people still hanging out here

Rafael Mora hat das Bild Guatemalan Childhood hochgeladen

This are some folkroric balls from my country, Guatemala, they are handmade from leather and then painted by local artists.