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My name is Alexander S. Kunz (that’s German and pronounced like “Koontz”, except that the double-o is short). I was born in Germany in 1971 and now live in San Diego, California. My love for the great outdoors and the intimate beauty of landscapes and details alike drive my passion for photography.

Mein name ist Alexander S. Kunz; ich bin Jahrgang 1971 in Deutschland geboren und lebe in San Diego in Kalifornien. Ich liebe die Natur und draussen zu sein, und das ist es was meine Leidenschaft für die Fotografie antreibt.


My name is Severin. I live and operate in Trondheim, Norway, but I'm originally from Austria (the one without kangoos).

I am a photographer. I simply love creating scenes, capturing moments in time, and the creativity involved in the process of choosing a concept, a composition, the light, and post production.

I mainly shoot people, lifestyle, and nature. I also enjoy action sports and music photography.

For me everything began with the love for traveling and the wish to ban the unknown and fascinating - people, landscapes, situations - in pictures. Meanwhile I am a freelance photographer working in the fields of people and fashion as well as nature and urban/ urbex. Whats left is the love for strong composition and mostly decent colours. And I like the little strange, absurd and bizarre things for their beauty.

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smoking in Istanbul

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Kufic Arabic mosaics in the Topkapi Palace. Istanbul, Turkey.

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behind the door in Madrid, Spain.

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Golden Horn, Istanbul