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Rod Meier

Rod Meier

I am a photographer since the year 2000 and my focus is on people photography. Homepage: (Bondage Photography: ).
Every year I try to find the time to do some projects on my own in different kinds of photography, materials and themes. Projects like liquid latex, rhinestones on a models body, bondage art/shibari, or milk dress photography are my lates things i worked with.
The bondage/BDSM/shibari project is still running - it is a very big field to be creative. I do the ties, photography and the retouching of the images. The images are made to look awesome at your wall.
I also offer poster sets and calendars so take a look at the homepage.

Alle Sets von Rod Meier (6 Sets)

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    Milk Dress (7 Bilder)

    Milk Dress Photography - Real Milk, real Models, real photos - Throwing Milk on the Models body. Composing some of these milk splashes on the model to one image. Studio Photography, Rod Meier, Ulm

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    Bondage /Shibari Art (60 Bilder)

    Bondage / Shibari Art Photography - A mix of Bondage and japanese bondage (shibari/kinbaku) ina modern, aesthetic style of photography with tied models. Just startet at the end of 2014 the gallery will grow up in the next few month. Rod Meier, photography, ulm/germany

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    Nude Art (13 Bilder)

    Nude Art Models - photos, composings and digital fine art of nude/erotic photos. Rod Meier, photography, ulm/germany.

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    Miss Auto Zürich Kalender 2017 (13 Bilder)

    Miss Auto Zürich 2017 - der Kalender der Auto Zürich Car Show mit der Miss Auto Zürich 2015/2016 auf allen Bildern. Zum 30. Jubiläum der Automobilmesse wurde zum ersten mal ein Kalender produziert. Die Einzelbilder sind hier als Poster, Kunstdrucke erhältlich. Den Kalender gibt ́s in limitierter Stückzahl auf Amazon: - Fotograf und Retouching der Bilder: Rod Meier, Fotograf Ulm. Vertrieb des Kalender über Rod-Meier-Media

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    Beauty, Models, Girls (14 Bilder)

    Beauty, fashion, lifestyle with models and girls in the studio, on-location or outdoor. Rod Meier, photography, ulm/germany

  • Angels, Angel Wings,... as digital composings or photos. Rod Meier, photography, ulm/germany