Sabine Israel

Sabine Israel

Welcome to my gallery and thanks for your visit!

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Eric Is an artist who enjoys to create images, markmaking is a way of can find him on facebook and twitter @ the links below.!/Ericbonhomme

Riki has worked primarily in the world of publishing illustration. Since the beginning of his professional career in 2000 he has illustrated more than twenty books. He has done press illustrations, as well as coordinating the illustrations for many magazines. He co-founded and co-edited the illustrated magazine Garabattage in 2001, and founded and edited the publication project, Fràgil.

He has also created posters and book covers, as well worked as a graphic designer. He has illustrated CDs for some musical groups, worked on animation projects, created the scenery and designed the wardrobe for operas, and is the artistic consultant for a contemporary dance company.

Mike Koubou is an illustrator and graphic designer who currently works in a Publishing Organization in Athens.
Focused on logos and mascot, character design, caricature and abstract illustration, using different methods and styles also
with a vintage sense.
Born in 1984 in Germany Düsseldorf and graduated in 2011 the Architecture Department of Patras University,
which gave him the oportunity to expand his techniques and skills

Sabine Israel folgt jetzt Rike Beck

Hello everyone,
thank you for your interest and welcome to my gallery!
I greatly appreciate your visits and comments.

I am a young artist from Berlin. For news feel free to visit me on
My artwork comprises collage & drawing, paintings and conceptual designs for textile identities as well as their practical realization. I am influenced by many things as music, books, theatre and all the ordinary things around. If you like my artwork you can find more of them and further information about me at

Freelance / Art Director. Spain (Barcelona)

I dream because draw.
Drawing is the only way I know to dream
To tell
To narrate what I have in my mind.
My drawings are my diary,
that only very closely can be read and interpreted.
My little lace factory
is in my hands
In my fingers.
From where my black strokes come from.
The small, intimate.
A confined world.
A notebook.

I put all of my universe in every drawing, in every collage, in every word or phrase. I put all of “me” into every artwork, and all my artworks are “me”.

Welcome to my gallery and thanks for your visit!

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Sabine Israel hat das Bild 1900 hochgeladen

Frau, Vintage, gelb, Ornament

Sabine Israel hat das Bild Rote Rüben hochgeladen

Bleistift und Acryl auf Papier, Digital-Pixel