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Serge Vandenberghe

Serge Vandenberghe

Serge Vandenberghe, French-speaking Belgian by birth, has been living in Ireland since 1992 and is a self-taught artist.
He started painting in 1989, after 10 years of political activism in the European peace movement, and hasn’t stopped since.
Over these 20 years he has constantly worked in two different directions, focusing on one strand one year, on the other the next:
Representational: As a Belgian, Serge has been greatly influenced by surrealists. After long abstract spells he regularly goes back to the representation of more realistic worlds, where wide-open spaces form a perfect background to visual surrealist poetry.
Abstract and geometrical: Serge has moved on from the fluidity and brightness of the silk painting to geometrical works where perspectives are expanded and distorted to create surprising optical illusions. “A successful series of visually questioning yet playful geometric-centric large-scale canvases” (Dawn Williams, Curator, Crawford Art Gallery)

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