silvia  ivanova

silvia ivanova

Hello, my name is Silvia Ivanova and I like to draw.

I draw a lot of things and experiment with different styles but my biggest passion and inspiration have always been horses. I think that the beauty of these animals is irresistible but not everyone notices it. Although my style is basically realistic, it's absolutely necessary for me to capture the individuality of each animal, it's spirit, it's "personality".

While drawing, I keep on seeking for beauty all around me. That is my deep, inner need - to feel, to share the passion, the fire, the tenderness of life gushing everywhere, and to imprint them on the blank canvas. The magic of art is movement. Each and every movement is unique and leads to creation of beauty and emotion.

And art itself is a basic emotion - it shoudn't be thought over, it should just be done!

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