Julian Schröpel

Julian Schröpel

Ach, wie schade! Wenn Du diesen Text siehst, bedeutet das, dass Julian Schröpel bisher noch nichts über sich verraten hat. Wir hoffen sehr, dass sich das ganz schnell ändert!

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???? A few days ago i went out with @romppo for some nice shots in the golden autumn lights.
If you are a photographer or a model from helsinki, dont hesitate to contact me
#autumn #golden #helsingfors #kuva #tram #city #vsco #vscolife #vscogrid #mallit #model #helsinki #photographer
von simbayu

Leidenschaftlich fotografiere ich seit ca. 8 Jahren. Mein Interesse dafür wurde mit der Digitalfotografie und den vielfältigen Möglichkeiten der Bildbearbeitung geweckt.
Bei der Wahl meiner Motive bin ich nicht festgelegt.
2009 erhielt ich den ersten Platz im Jahreswettbewerb der Zeitschrift Foto Digital und 2010 wurde ich Sieger im Wettbewerb d-pixxFotograf.
Vordere bzw. erste Plätze konnte ich auch bei Fotowettbewerben der Zeitschriften Photographie, FotoPraxis und foto Magazin belegen.

I currently work as freelancer for various 3d and 2d projects in animation and illustration. Besides, I constantly practice my drawing skills with a focus in character design and storytelling.


Watching you since 1984 // Kill Art Kill Artists

I love photographing everything from fashion, people, nature, landscape to things of abstract nature. I enjoy creating art out of the mundane and the obvious; making them into something extraordinary.

I thank you for checking my art out and for your kind support!

I also love Kinder chocolate and anything vintage!

The philosophy I live by all my life: "Imagination is more important than knowledge" -Albert Einstein


I BELIEVE IN VARIETY-Love Art and Human Beings, make Art for Happiness


this is all about_ ronitwolf.com

Graphic Designer

Judith Loske wurde 1988 im Ruhrgebiet geboren. 2010 hat sie ihr Studium im Fachbereich Illustration abgeschlossen und arbeitet nun freiberuflich vorwiegend im Kinderbuchbereich.
Sie arbeitet am liebsten mit Bleistiften, Buntstiften, Aquarellfarben und dem Computer.

Judith Loske was born in 1988. 2010 she completed her degree in illustration. Now she works as a freelancer in the field of children's book illustration. She likes to work with pencils, watercolours and the computer.

Visit her: www.judith-loske.de

Name: David
Age: 17
Interests: Illustration!

Born in Rome, Alessia is an Italian photographer and photojournalist. She has been awarded with several prizes for her work, exhibited in international festivals and galleries. Currently she is based between Rome (Italy) and Berlin (Germany)
web: www.alessiacerqua.com

born on the 15th of august 1984. Live in Moscow.
Have some more questions?

FB: https://www.facebook.com/alledesignstudio
FLICKR: https://www.flickr.com/photos/127230202@N04/

Skills include:
- Photomanipulations,
- Photo retouching,
- Poster / Flyer design,
- Business card design.

I'm also available for all your questions.

Young architect from Romania, interested in most things visual and graphic.

Assist. Prof. Irmak Akçado?an
Born in Istanbul, 1974. Graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting in 1997. Received her Master’s degree from Mimar Sinan University, Department of Graphics in 2002 and her Proficiency in Art diploma from Marmara University, Institute of Fine Arts, Department of Graphics in 2006. Faculty member at Maltepe University, Department of Graphic Design during 2000-2010. Participated in 41 group exihibitons, held 4 solo exhibitions during 1994-2014. Her articles were published in various journals. Recieved “Art in Turkey Journal” Achievement Award in the painting competition organized by Ay?e Ercümend Kalm?k Foundation, 1st Prize Award in the illustration competition organized by Umur Company, 3rd Prize Award for “Think-shirt T-Shirt competition”. In 2012, she received an award in the collage competition organized for the 20th anniversary of U2’s Achtung Baby Album. Titled to be an Assistant Professor’s in 2006. Since 2010, she has been working at Do?u? University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Department of Graphics. Published Books: “Basic Art Education and Digital Media”, Epsilon Publishing, October 2006, Istanbul.

1974’de ?stanbul’da do?du. 1997 y?l?nda Marmara Üniversitesi, Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi, Resim Bölümü’nden mezun oldu. 2002 y?l?nda Mimar Sinan Üniversitesi, Güzel Sanatlar Enstitüsü, Grafik Bölümü’nde, Yüksek Lisans e?itimini tamamlad?. 2006 y?l?nda Marmara Üniversitesi, Güzel Sanatlar Enstitüsü, Grafik Bölümü, Sanatta Yeterlik derecesini ald?. 2000-2010 y?llar? aras?nda, Maltepe Üniversitesi, Grafik Tasar?m Bölümü’nde ö?retim eleman? olarak görev yapt?. 1994-2014 y?llar? aras?nda 41 karma ve grup sergisi ile 4 ki?isel sergi gerçekle?tirdi. Dergilerde çe?itli makaleleri yay?nland?. Ay?e Ercümend Kalm?k Vakf?’n?n düzenledi?i resim yar??mas?nda “Türkiye’de Sanat Dergisi” özel ödülü, Umur Firmas?n?n düzenledi?i “illüstrasyon yar??mas?”nda 1.’lik ödülü, “Think-shirt” T-Shirt tasar?m yar??mas?nda 3.’lük ödülü, 2012 y?l?nda U2’nun Achtung Baby Albümünün 20. Y?l kutlamalar? kapsam?nda gerçekle?tirdi?i albüm kolaj? yar??mas?nda ödül kazand?. 2006 y?l?nda Yard?mc? doçentlik ünvan?n? ald?. 2010 y?l?ndan beri Do?u? Üniversitesi Sanat ve Tasar?m Fakültesi Grafik Bölümü’nde görev yapmaktad?r. Yay?nlanan Kitaplar?: “Temel Sanat E?itimi ve Dijital Ortam”, Epsilon Yay?nevi, Ekim 2006, ?stanbul.

Since time immemorial the seasons have shaped and characterized the Nordic (folk) soul. The extreme contrast between light and darkness, hope and despair and elation and melancholy. The Scandinavian soul, like the inward looking, hibernating bear, seeks isolation when the sun turns its face to other latitudes, and from this fateful ambience comes creative inspiration.

It is my intention to capture the beauty present in the meeting between the dark, the light & the interaction of colors, with natures unruly and unconditional constitution.
This is my desire, this is the key. I would like to show you that there's great hope right here in our love of nature. That is the challenge that inspires me to create portraits of a big country interacting and acting between these two extremes, and where the light is a messenger in the darkness.

Graphic designer, narrator, craftsman of meaning and its shapes; illustrator, creator of things.