Simon Bell

Simon Bell

Born in 1992 Simon Bell is currently studying a degree in photography at the Norwich University College of the Arts. Simon is curently exploring the wide field that is photography and is experimenting with Wildlife, Landscape, New objective topographic, fashion and conceptual photography.

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Simon Bell hat das Bild The Seeds of Life hochgeladen

A dandelion basking in the sun

Simon Bell hat das Bild Rescue hochgeladen

A dramatic sky for a dramatic subject this image encompasses every essence of drama this helicopter brings in its wake.

Simon Bell hat das Bild Tranquility hochgeladen

Falling water has never looked so peaceful.

Simon Bell hat das Bild Concentric hochgeladen

Its amazing the patterns you find whilst exploring on the beach.

Simon Bell hat das Bild Armored Plating hochgeladen

This crocodile in Australia was sunbathing however instead of the usual image i tried to take something that depicted their dark, mysterious nature.

Simon Bell hat das Bild Pony hochgeladen

An abstract image of a Shetland pony

Simon Bell hat das Bild Hypno-Toad hochgeladen

A toad sunbathing in the pond, camouflaged from predators.

Simon Bell folgt jetzt Niklas Bolle

Founder & CEO of ARTFLAKES. Likes awesome photography.

Simon Bell hat das Bild Footprint hochgeladen

This photograph is technically a self portrait of the impression made by myself whilst walking along a beach on the east coast of Australia.

Simon Bell hat das Bild The Forrest hochgeladen

A gloriously bright abstract of a Forrest looking up towards the blue sky.

Simon Bell hat das Bild Ice hochgeladen

The essence of cold

Simon Bell hat das Bild Frozen hochgeladen

A glorious frost at the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct near Llangollen in Wales.

Simon Bell hat das Bild Home Improvements hochgeladen

A New Objective Topographic look at the backstreets of Norwich, this image depicts the degrading sub urban environments now increasingly common in the 21st century.