Soumen Nath

Soumen Nath

First a diploma in Fine Arts, then a stint in Vocal Hindustani Classical music, and then a few years with Indian percussion instrument -Tabla, the journey to explore the creative side of life had myriad hues for Soumen. Eventually the quest for the undiscovered, led him to take up the Camera. The concepts of light and shade which were learnt as a painter made him see the world in a different light. He finds things and event of mundane life interesting and seeks to portray the beauty that lies therein.

1. Won a photography scholarship by renowned photographer Munish Khanna.
2. One Canvas - different Stroke : Exhibition of Fine Art Photography at Galerie Romain Rollan, Delhi, India.

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Photography is my art and my creative outlet. I am an art photographer specializing in intimate and sometimes provocative images. I am interested in creating photographs that will stand the test of time. My work has been shown in galleries throughout the US and has been compared to that of Lucien Clergue, Nan Goldin and Arthur Tress.

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”Many thanks Guys, for liking my work.
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Red Apples soaking in Rain kept in a bowl.

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”Is this real? Or some place in heaven ?“
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”beautiful composition.....“
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”beautiful art work“
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Lebe und fotografiere seit fast 6 Jahren in der Toscana,
wo ich auch als Toscana-Fotoscout für die besten Locations
tätig bin. Interessierte können mich tageweise mieten.
Näheres siehe meine Website.

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Rainy season is awaited with much enthusiasm in my city - Delhi. The sweltering heat of May and June is brought to a naught by the monsoon rains. I thought of capturing the rains in a new mood altogether.