Stefan Eisele

Stefan Eisele

I was born in the sixties in Germany and today I live with my family near Stuttgart.
I am a member of the German Photographic Society (DVF), who is on its part a member of the FIAP - Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique.

“...The photography has been with me through my whole life. In the beginning owing to my father, who himself was for many years a member of a photo club. Affected by his passion, I bought my first camera at the age of 20 -Yashica. Then it was Nikon and a medium format camera when I became older. Today I use Alpha 77 by Sony and edit my images using Photoshop...”

“...I am a person who can not specify a particular photographic field. Today I’m interested in architecture, tomorrow I’m in the forest and admire the beauty of nature. In my “paintings” I try to show the reality from my perspective, which does not always correspond to what others see. Some say I’m a friend of the “dark photography”, which is certainly true. In this way I can put all my feelings and moods which moved me when I took the photo. Also, I am fascinated by the artistic treatment of some images. The result has often more to say than a raw photo recorded by the camera...”

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