Stefania Arca

Stefania Arca

I'm Stefania Arca. I'm going to get my degree in Architecture, on the contrary, visual arts and photography are one of my passions. I've taken pictures since I was a child but I've studied photography for two years by my own. I'm keen on macro, landscape, night and still life photos. I like jumping from different genres of photography and never give up. Lens' camera became my way to express to other people my feelings and thoughts. I'm not good with words!/pages/StefaniArca-Photography/226820737346045?sk=photos

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Sobald ich in Rente bin, werde ich mich intensiver um diesen Account kümmern.
Das Ausgangsformat für alle Bilder ist 12000x8000 Pixel

Alles nun, was ihr wollt, daß euch die Leute tun sollen, das tut ihr ihnen auch. Das ist das Gesetz.
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