Stephen hanson

Stephen hanson

I have been a high school art teacher for several years but now I am pursuing my art career more and I have more time to devote to it. Over the last several months I have done plein `air paintings of landscapes. We live in a beautiful area in Colorado at the foot of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. Much of my inspiration has come from my visits to the nearby Cheyenne Canyon and various other places nearby and around the city. I enjoy the light and capturing the essence and character of each of these particular scenes.

Prior to this, I painted many classical-theme still life artworks. While I still occasionally will paint this subject matter, I am now more drawn to the landscape.

I also have painted and will continue to create religious and spiritual-themed paintings. Several of these works can be found here as well as on our website.

My wife, Carol is also a painter, and her specialty is with the abstract and floral. We spend out time with our daughter Destiny, who is in Middle School, who consumes a lot of our time and energy. However, we find that it's important to nurture our own souls with pursuing our artwork.

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