I'm based in London and particularly enjoy shooting urban landscapes at night or around dusk.

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tgigreeny hat das Bild Tower Bridge Rasied hochgeladen

London's Tower Bridge, at dusl.

tgigreeny hat das Bild Grey Lady hochgeladen

The rusting hull of a former pleasure cruiser sits on a tiny beach at Conwy in North Wales. Deganwy marina is visible on the horizon.

tgigreeny hat das Bild Conwy Castle and Boats hochgeladen

The 13th centuray masterpiece that is Conwy Castle in North Wales is beautifully illuminated at dusk behind the pleasure boats and fishing vessels of the town's harbour.

tgigreeny hat das Bild Boats in Varadero hochgeladen

Small yachts on the beach in the Cuban resort of Varadero

tgigreeny hat das Bild Jonathan Trott vs Pakistan hochgeladen

Jonathan Trott on his way to a record stand with partner Stuart Broad during the 2010 England vs Pakistan Lord's test.

tgigreeny hat das Bild Lamborghini Wheel hochgeladen

The glossy black wheel and yellow brake calliper of a Lamborghini Gallardo.

tgigreeny hat das Bild The Thames at Dusk hochgeladen

The busy River Thames has always been the artery running through the heart of London. Here it as at dusk, with the lights of a passing riverboat leading your eye towards the historic palace of Westminster in the shadow of a newer landmark, the London Eye.

tgigreeny hat das Bild Three Wide at Porche Curves hochgeladen

Taken at Le Mans 2011. Three different classes of car pass each other at one of the famous sections of the Circuit de la Sarthe.

tgigreeny hat das Bild Alfa Romeo hochgeladen

On an 8C Competizione.

tgigreeny hat das Bild Camaro SS hochgeladen

The quarter-panel name badge on a pristine, concours-standard Chevrolet Camaro SS.

tgigreeny hat das Bild Ferrari Badge hochgeladen

On the bonnet of a matte black 599.

tgigreeny hat das Bild Camaro Door Handle hochgeladen

The door handle of a late 60s Chevrolet Camaro SS.

tgigreeny hat das Bild Autumn, Reflected hochgeladen

Autumnal shades at London's Royal Botanic Gardens reflected in the clear water of a pond.

tgigreeny hat das Bild Simms Engine hochgeladen

An old, rusted engine on a seaside tractor.

tgigreeny hat das Bild Jetty hochgeladen

An old jetty on the Norfolk coast.

tgigreeny hat das Bild Old Tractor hochgeladen

Almost in pieces, but still functional. This old tractor is used to pull ships in from the choppy seas in Norfolk.

tgigreeny hat das Bild Lonely Tractor hochgeladen

A sad, lonely, old tractor on a windswept stretch of the British coast.