Theresa Tahara

Theresa Tahara

Herzlich willkommen auf meiner Seite "Theresa Leigh Photography and Digital Fine Art". Specializing in creative manipulation photography from Canada.
I believe that the more we look for beauty in this world, the more beauty there is to be found. If it is an expectation, it will appear and I try to convey this appearance with my photography. Life itself can be an endless creative journey and I am glad to be part of it. Theresa Tahara

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"Der Gebrauch einer Kamera ist ähnlich der eines Messers: Man kann damit Kartoffeln schälen, aber auch eine Flöte schnitzen". (E.Kohlmeier)
Getreu diesem Zitat versuche ich immer wieder eine Flöte zu schnitzen..

Freelance photographer based in London.

Interested in the bizarre and mundane depending on what day of the week it is. Different perspectives, how a shadow falls, same shot from a different angle etc...

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I am an amateur photographer, who is passionate about photography! I am still learning and exploring different types of photography. I own a small business, not photography related, but spend most of my spare time taking pictures and learning to edit them. I have a wealth of support in the online photography community, which I am very grateful for. So many talented people and I feel privileged to be part of it! :)


Christiane W. Schulze was born in Dortmund / Germany
From 2003 - 2007 she studied Art at the IBBK Bochum / Germany
Since 2007 she took the Master Class of Prof Qi Yan (Professor of Art in Bejing / China and Düsseldorf / Germany)
An ambition came true and to paint is her great passion.
Photography and travel are her other great passions. Therefore you can see her photographic work, too.

Gallery Artodrom Berlin 2011
Art Beijing April 2012
Sparkasse Castrop-Rauxel 25.10.12-06.12.12

All Artwork is Registered and Orginal Artwork of Christiane Schulze.
All rights Reserved and Copyrighted to Christiane Schulze and protected
by US and International Copyright Law.

Theresa Tahara hat das Bild Oh Glory Me hochgeladen

My favourite Rose photographed in my garden last summer.