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tina terras

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wer nen schönen Pinsel hat iss klar im Vorteil

Sandys Art & Weise Kunst & Fotografie
Die Kunst ist die stärkste Form
von Individualismus,
welche die Welt kennt.
( 1854 - 1900 )

Hallo bin Geb. in Hamburg – Blankenese
Und schon immer begeistert vom Fotografieren:
Tieraufnahmen, Landschaften, Impressionen, Blumen,
Street Art, Details, Black & White...einzufangen, festzuhalten.
Und auch die
Malerei sowie Zeichnungen: in Pastell, Aquarell, Acryl, digital hand painting begeistern mich.
Schnuppern stöbern erwünscht :-)
In diesem Sinne Lg

Lives in Chicago, United States

Member Since: 12/31/2011

Website: www.bernicewilliams.com

Originally I studied painting and sculpture. My first photography course was undertaken primarily out of curiosity but it soon became my preferred creative medium. My favorite subject is architectural imagery, but I tend to photograph whatever captures my eye or imagination. Since I began looking through a lens, I realized that I was searching for beauty with my camera. I will always be totally fascinated by the ability to capture a fleeting magical moment of beauty through the mechanism of light passing through a lens, and then being able to hand over that same moment to someone else.

I just moved back to Rome (ITA) after living 3 years in Vienna (AUT).

Basically I love to learn every day and get to know as much as possible of life, world and my biggest passion: art.
Travelling the world while working as graphic designer and artist would be like a dream coming true to me.

Photographer and conceptual artist specializing in portraits, fashion, and design.

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Illustrator girl based in Guatemala City, her work is a collection of surreal characters, strange worlds and lovely-freaky stuff.

Website: http://www.muxxi.me
Blog: http://blog.muxxi.me
Twitter: @Muxxi

I am a graphic designer and illustrator of northern Spain.

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24 years old Illustrator/graphic designer from Belgium

Graphic Designer / Illustrator / Co-Founder of www.flyandi.com

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I live in Seeley Lake , MT which is located in the Seeley/Swan valleys of western Montana. I am a retired Special Education teacher. I have been taking images since the late 60s and I now am able to print, mat and frame my own images. Please check out my website for more detail.

I am currently moving in to doing more Black and White so check out the new images I just added.

If you're ever in Montana please stop in. Just send me an email to let me know and I'll give you directions on how to find me.

Since it is I who paints these pictures it is true that they are portraits of myself. However - as they are portraits of a man - they are also portraits of every man: what I depict of myself is common to all men; what I omit is that which differentiates me from them.

Poiché sono io che dipingo questi quadri è vero che sono ritratti di me stesso. Ma ulteriormente, in quanto ritratti di un uomo, lo sono di ogni uomo - traggo da me ciò che vi è di comune a tutti gli uomini, e sottraggo ciò che mi differenzia da essi.

Puisque c’est moi qui peint ces tableaux il est vrai que se sont des portraits de moi-même. Mais ensuite, en tant que portraits d’un homme il le sont de chaque homme - je trais de moi ce qui est commun à tous les hommes, et je soustrais ce qui m’en diffère.


Since 2002 i'm working as professional photographer and artist in Moscow.
My creative works you can see here: www.de-photoart.ru (work on PC)
and my commercial: www.de-photo.ru (PC & Mac OS).

Freelance photographer based in Toulouse France ; originary from Luxembourg.
My main photographic works are based on action sports photography, fashion photography and landscapes.
My artistic works are more about people of the world, portraits, foreign cities and nature photography.

I am working as a freelance illustrator/ artist from Scotland. My work combines my love of shape, pattern and rich colours.


Illustrator / Comic Artist
I only uplaoded one kind of picture.
I'd be happy to take a variety of requests.

Spanish Photographer. Degree en Artistic Photography in School of Arts in Murcia (Spain), in 2010 won the National Photography Competition of the Ministry of Culture of Spain, and from there received several awards in competitions such as the Festival of Photography and Arts Emergent in Lleida (Spain), PhotoEspaña, Fotoactitud 2011, also won a scholarship with "Cristina Garcia Rodero" in Menéndez Pelayo University and other scholarship in "The Greenhouse" for the development of photographic projects organized by photographic asociation 100ojos (Spain). Currently divided his time between commercial work and personal photographic projects, to try about deep into the interaction between image-reality and artificiality.

tina terras folgt jetzt June Keser

I'm an illustrator based in Berlin.

OverLinks Design: for graphic design & ,webdesign.
Concept Copy Creation of
Brands: logo's, business cards, styles, flyers and all other types of printed matter.
Prints: unique portraits, cards,invitations.
Presentations: Sites, Prezis, Animations