Tony Minchew

Tony Minchew

Professional Photographer for 13 years. All avenues of photography are shot.

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MyVisualCreation is inspired by artists who seek more of everyday life by way of creative freedom and internal vision. MyVisualCreation's philosophy is also to inspire others to channel ideas through creative power of imagination and translate their message through photography. It is connecting the gap between artists and media. At MyVisualCreation, we strive to differentiate ourselves through the creative process that allows for true expression to materialize. Melissa Salter is a graduate from Brooks Institute of Photography.

Tony Minchew hat das Bild Liberty hochgeladen

Statue of Liberty

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Tony Minchew hat das Bild Epic Pie Chart hochgeladen

Different kinds of pies for the pie lover.

Photographer James Menges, divides his time between Asia and the USA.

Tony Minchew hat das Bild Drag Race Car kommentiert
Tony Minchew hat das Bild Caesars Palace hochgeladen

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Sunset with palm trees in Flagstaff Arizona at evening.

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Graduation Party...