Laree Alexander

Laree Alexander

Colors are the backbone for my life, like oxygen, without them I could not survive. Ever since I was a small child color has been magic to my soul, uplifting me and inspiring me to create.

Throughout my life I have always been motivated and inspired to make my heart's desire a reality. I chose not to attend college and instead focused on gaining experience in the areas that interested me.

I found myself on photoshoots in strange cities in the middle of the night, doing makeup. I have designed for burlesque shows, benefits, tie dye and candle makers. I have met many amazing people and invaluable experience in the last six years.

I have sought out information and gained a plethura of knowledge during that search. I have proven that hard work, determination and desire can bring success. I am currently the main graphic designer for the Va Va Vixens burlesque troupe. I am also working for Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest as a paid Graphic Design Intern.

I continue this journey, and am now working towards a career in freelance art and design. I hope to leave an impression of my passion for color on this world. My art may not seem spiritual in nature or vision, but it is spiritual in intention, which to me, is the creative power of the universe.

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