A Russian born visual artist who has made NYC and Miami his home, shows us his vision of the world around him. I search for beauty in all things and look for expression of thoughts, ideas and feelings through my work. My intention is to move the viewer through the medium and to bring them joy .

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ushkaphotography hat das Bild passing light hochgeladen

Illumination of lights wrapped around a tree and the passing car headlight illumination

ushkaphotography hat das Bild blue lights hochgeladen

Nighttime illumination of lights in Miami Brickell area

ushkaphotography hat das Bild red hochgeladen

red flowers bursting against a wall of green foliage that i spotted while riding my bicycle

ushkaphotography hat das Bild colored money hochgeladen

Digitally hand painted $100 dollar bills

ushkaphotography hat das Bild christmas lights hochgeladen

Christmas tree lights bokeh

ushkaphotography hat das Bild blue on blue hochgeladen

Blue on blue play of sky and art light installation in Miami .

ushkaphotography hat das Bild Blue and Coral hochgeladen

Light installation in Miami Brickell area on the waterfront with changing color lights and metal poles against a blue sky.

ushka shakhnis hat das Bild Jumping for joy hochgeladen

A boy on the beach having the time of his life . The picture is a new direction for me combining photography and my love for paintings with the visual impact of both.

This is a staircase in the Italian Renaissance villa of Viscaya in MIami
hand colored on the computer.

Die Ewigkeit dauert lange, besonders gegen Ende.
woody allen

My Art is a study in light and shadow. I am a traditionnal and digital artist.
I use and mix different mediums to make my paintings : pencil, black ink, charcoal pen, acrylic or watercolor painting....and i often finish the details, the work of light and contrast on Photoshop. I like to explore all the possibilities of the different mediums i use. I suggest things playing with the light and huge contrast to convey a vision of the world close to the childhood's nightmares but full of fairy.

I am high school graduated in English and Graphic design and Communication (SUPCREA). I worked few years as a computer graphist.

In 2005, i decided to dedicate myself to illustration and started to collaborate with different music band.

I illustrated a short-story « Une Obscurité Infinie » written by Emilie Criscuolo, winner of the contest « Point à la Ligne » published in Roland Garros Magazine 2007.

I work with MyTego, a canadian company, that creates skins for cellphone, laptop, mobile phone, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Ipod, Notebook, Xbox, Sony Playstation, Nintendo Wii, PSP...

In 2008 I collaborated with Jenica Harper ( Screenwriter for the Canadian industry TV) on an online comics books called "Abigail's War" published by Zeros2heros.

One of my picture "The Raven" has been published in Exposé 6 (Ballistic Publishing).

2009-2010 I collaborated with Freaks Magazine on several issues (1-3-5). I illustrated "Mauvaises Vibrations", a short story written by Jean-Pierre FAVARD and another one written by Laurent et Olivier Souillé "Les Frères Siamois".

In 2010 "Castle Forest" is published in the book Gothology, Misery loves Company n°2 (DAPshow Press, USA). I illustrated the cover for the novel "Rock n' Dole" written by J-P FAVARD (Editions de la clef d'argent 2010)

2011 I illustrated the cover for the novel "Le Chemin des Fées" written by Fabrice ANFOSSO (Editions Lokomodo, May 2011).

ushka shakhnis hat das Bild Ferrari California Fluid hochgeladen

A visual fluid and colorful image of Ferrari California full of reflections and abstract imagery

ushka shakhnis hat das Bild Ferrari California hochgeladen

Maranello's California in MIami II

ushka shakhnis hat das Bild Ferrari California hochgeladen

Black on black prancing horse in MIami

Founder & CEO of ARTFLAKES. Likes awesome photography.