Valentina Ramos

Valentina Ramos

Wander into the sunny Miami studio of Valentina Ramos at nearly any hour of any day, and you’ll find this Venezuelan artist hard at work with her paints and Rapidograph pens, creating to her heart’s content. She enjoys working with different materials, but black ink is one of the mediums you will always find in her original prints, paintings and drawings.

After 15 years working as a graphic designer, Valentina decided to branch out into other forms of art. It didn’t take long for her signature style to emerge: bright, colorful images filled with fascinating details. And so Valentina Design was born. This is the positive and affirming world where her uplifting drawings and designs take shape every day.

Valentina says: “My work is primarily driven by the idea of the creation of a unified whole through the use of minute details. The use of pop colors, lines and circles that swirl and undulate result in playful artwork made with passion. I use ink and other mediums to create flowing, intricate and highly detailed patterns, sometimes utilizing words for positive inspiration.

“Self healing and positive energy are the motivating concepts which ignite my passion to create. Through my work I hope to inspire and help others follow their dreams. I try to bring a fantastical, dreamlike appearance to my artwork, which includes digital drawings, mixed media and pen & ink illustrations."

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