Vincent Monozlay

Vincent Monozlay

Vincent Monozlay was born in Nitra, Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia) in 1968. Vincents father was an amateur photographer who started his lifelong interest in photography and art. He is devoted to photography, HDR photo, restoring and coloring old photographs and postcards, photo art and computer art.

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Baron Laszlo Mednyanszky or Ladislaus Josephus Balthasar Eustachius Mednyanszky (Slovak: Ladislav Mednansky) (23 April 1852 - 17 April 1919), the painter-philosopher, is one of the most enigmatic figures in the history of Hungarian art. Despite an aristocratic background, he spent most of his life moving around Europe working as an artist. Mednyanszky spent considerable periods in seclusion but mingled with people across society - in the aristocracy, art world, peasantry and army - many of whom became the subjects of his paintings. His most important works depict scenes of nature and poor, working people, particularly from his home region in Kingdom of Hungary. He is also known as a painter of folklore of Upper Hungary (today Slovakia).

Four men on a quadricycle outside the front door of a building.

Vincent Monozlay hat das Bild Devil's Inferno hochgeladen

I do not create art.
I see the art because it is already there.

Ich lade Sie herzlich ein zu einer kleinen Reise durch meine Motive.
Meine Werke solle Sie inspirieren und Ihnen beim betrachten immer wieder Freude bringen. Ich freue
mich über jeden Bildverkauf, denn
dann weiß ich , das bei Ihnen eines
meiner Bilder an Ihrer Wand hängt und es Ihnen
jeden Tag beim betrachten Freude bereitet.
Meine größten Vorbilder sind
Edward Weston und Ansel Adams.Natürlich
experimentiere ich auch sehr gern mit
verschiedenen Bildbearbeitungsstilen und
Sichtweisen des Motives.Die in diesem Portal
enthaltenen Werke sind ein geringer Teil
des Umfanges meiner Arbeiten.

Nicht traurig sein wenn ich mich nicht für die Likes bedanke, aber ich bin so sehr beschäftigt, das ich nicht dazu komme.
Das Angebot an alle Oldtimerfans, mein Kalender für das Jahr 2014 !!!

I cordially invite you to a little journey through my motives.
My work was to inspire you and help you look always bring joy. I look
me ... on every picture sale,
I cordially invite you to a little journey through my motives.
My work was to inspire you and help you look always bring joy. I look
me of each image sale, because
I know that you at one
my pictures on your wall hangs and you
every day while watching pleasure.
My biggest idols are
Edward Weston and Ansel Adams.
I also love to experiment with
different styles and image processing
Perceptions of Motives.Die in this portal
works included are a small part
the scope of my work.

Do not be sad if I did not thank you for the likes, but I'm so busy that I did not get around to it.