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For me everything began with the love for traveling and the wish to ban the unknown and fascinating - people, landscapes, situations - in pictures. Meanwhile I am a freelance photographer working in the fields of people and fashion as well as nature and urban/ urbex. Whats left is the love for strong composition and mostly decent colours. And I like the little strange, absurd and bizarre things for their beauty.

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Digital illustrator and graphic artist.

Valbone Osmanaj folgt jetzt k-art-1

Roben Nieuwland is a Toronto based artist who finds inspiration from urban textures and organic patterns. A true mixed media method is used, gathering anything from detailed collages to crude stencils. His work exhibits playful themes with bright color harmonies contrasting over layers of textures and hard edged lines. His images produce bold flat graphic designs while maintaining a rich painterly tactile appearance. His work can be seen in both galleries and commercial outlets across North America and Europe.

Manga is my eternal love. Even if someday somebody say that I'm a genius in everything but manga, I will still be choosing manga over everything else.

Welcome to my Gallery and thanks for your visit!
I am a german Graphic Designer and mom living in Malaysia.


I’m a 32 years old graphic designer and illustrator from São Paulo, Brazil.

freelance llustrator and graphic designer

Hello! My name is Alice Rebecca Potter. I am a designer and illustrator living and working in London, England. Big colours, strong shapes, and unforgiving lines continuously creep into my work. Lately that includes people, maps, and architecture, but I like to draw the natural world just as much.

I have a background in Textile Design and enjoy seeing my work transferred to a variety of surfaces!

I studied my craft at Chelsea College of Art and Design where I also met some wonderful people and learnt some stuff. After graduating in 2008, I have slowly honed my skills and am really enjoying what I do now and I look forward to developing and growing over the years to come.

One day, I would love to own a shop with a studio attached, and living accommodation above, with a dog and a cat or two.

Illustrator/ Live in Tokyo, Japan

I am a graphic designer from Amman, Jordan. doing my masters degree in graphic design in Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, GA.
“It’s not if you can do it, it’s if you want to do it”
Mahmoud Alkhawajeh.