Yasmin Foster

Yasmin Foster

A self-taught digital artist who is hoping to get into a Illustration career in the near future.

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Yasmin Foster hat das Bild Comet hochgeladen

One of Santa's nine Reindeer, but not as you imagined.

Yasmin Foster hat das Bild Samillio hochgeladen
Yasmin Foster hat das Bild Inappropriate Imp hochgeladen

An Imp tempting woodland animals into the sins of smoking and drug use... sinister little guy

Yasmin Foster hat das Bild Desert of Ga-Gorib hochgeladen

A digital album cover for Pheonix Rise ( http://phoenixrisemusic.com/ )

Yasmin Foster hat das Bild The Devil's Steed hochgeladen

Inspired by Sol Invictus' album, The Devil's Steed and Theodore Gericault's painting called "Officer of the Hussars".

Yasmin Foster hat das Bild Every Act of Creation... hochgeladen

...is first an act of destruction.~ Pablo Picasso

This was a rivision of my art collage project where I combined the mythology of the Chimera and the story of Frankenstein.

Yasmin Foster hat das Bild The Harpy Celaeno hochgeladen

"For an instant the icy wings hung silent in the air, like clouds, and the harpy's old yellow eyes sank into the unicorn's heart and drew her close. "I will kill you if you set me free," the eyes said. "Set me free."

This is a painting based from the harpy Celaeno from Peter Beagle's book, The Last Unicorn, although she's been in Classical mythology by the name Kelaino.

Yasmin Foster hat das Bild Phoenix Rise hochgeladen

A digital album cover for Phoenix Rise ( http://phoenixrisemusic.com/ )

Yasmin Foster folgt jetzt Mike Nash

Mike was born and lives in England. He has been working professionally for just over three years and runs all aspects of the business himself. Mike is well educated in Art & Design and is qualified to Degree level in Illustration. He currently supplies unique artwork to clients throughout the world for use in books, films and games. Mike has a passion for detail and enjoys capturing atmospheric lighting. Despite his interest in myths and fictitious subjects he tries to harness a sense of realism and history within his art. As a result his work balances on the divide between plausibility and fantasy.