Zaphs Zhang

Zaphs Zhang

Lives in the Singapore City. I draw and I photograph.
Currently practicing Fine Arts in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, SG.

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Just yesterday, I went out for a shoot with my friend's pet cockatiels (and a love bird) at Singapore Botanical Gardens. It was my first time shooting birds, so it was very fun and I learned several facts about them as well as how to interact properly.

hallo ich bin bildermacherin
- ich (mag) mache bilder mit / in:
- liebe / lust / leidenschaft
- gefühle
- momente
- fantasie
- inspiration
- intuition
- licht/schatten
- augen / augenblicke/ blickwinkel
- hände / knipsfinger / filterfinger ;0))
canon powershot sx20is / eos 40d
- pc
- bildbearbeitungsprogramme
- farbe / monochrom
schrilles / wildes / abstraktes
minimales / verblastes / vergilbtes / gecrosstes
scharfes / unscharfes
schräges / gerades
im rahmen / rahmenloses
scheinbares / unscheinbares
lautes, schreiendes, brülllendes
leises, besinnliches, meditatives
sinnlich wie sinnloses ;0))
quatsch, sach und auch schonmal lachgeschichten......
hier könnt ihr einen kalender für 2012 von mir erwerben :

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For me everything began with the love for traveling and the wish to ban the unknown and fascinating - people, landscapes, situations - in pictures. Meanwhile I am a freelance photographer working in the fields of people and fashion as well as nature and urban/ urbex. Whats left is the love for strong composition and mostly decent colours. And I like the little strange, absurd and bizarre things for their beauty.

I'm a Freelancer Design, worked in last year and this year(2011) in artwork in the game Towernator available in Android cellphone; and started the course in Library Science in 2011, first semester, on Universidade de Brasília (UnB – University of Brazilia). Currently in the second semester.

In the moment, I'm working on a project of a game named Dom Mattanza as Director Digital Art and a game to compete in Imagine Cup of 2011 in Conception Art and Painter,besides the opening of a gaming company named Infinity Pixel. So I'm a little busy in the moment. But that doesn't mean I'll not publish new designs here.

Hi, I’m Manuel Guzmán, or Lolo as most all my friends and family refer to me. I am an illustrator/concept artist based in New York City’s Brooklyn. As a child I’d always known I would be in the arts where I would help fuel the imagination by creating fantastic worlds, characters and creatures.

”The girl reminds me of Les Miserables' girl, Cosette. Very beautiful.“
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Judith Loske wurde 1988 geboren. 2010 hat sie ihren Abschluss als Diplomillustratorin gemacht und arbeitet nun freiberuflich vorwiegend im Kinderbuchbereich.
Sie arbeitet am liebsten mit dem Bleistift und einer Mischtechnik aus Buntstift und Aquarell. Zum Schluss werden die einzelnen Bildbestandteile am Computer, wie bei einer Collage, zusammengefügt.

Judith Loske was born in 1988. 2010 she completed her degree in illustration. Now she works as a freelancer in the field of children's book illustration. She likes to work with pencils, watercolours and the computer.

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