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The long history of abstract art

Many people believe that abstract art is a relatively modern invention - the abstract movements of Cubism and Fauvism marking the beginnings of the movement in the early twentieth century. However, fine art of an abstract nature has existed in many cultures for an extremely long time. The tradition of calligraphy found in Chinese and Islamic cultures is a long standing form of abstract art which both existed in ancient times.

The aim of abstract art and what it represents

Abstract art aims to represent the world through a non-objective view of reality. This means that an abstract art poster or art print will typically be composed of lines, geometric shapes or even just plain color, such as Malevich's painting 'Black Square'. An Abstract art poster is supposed to represent the mood of the artist rather than a particular view of the world, emphasizing subjectivity over objectivity.

An Abstract Art poster in your home

Of all the artistic movements, Abstract art is arguably the most striking. This is due to the less than obvious subject, causing the viewer to think over what the artist was aiming to do by creating their art. A poster representing any abstract movement will instantly modernize any space by adding a splash of color and an urban edge. ARTFLAKES' wide range of art products - from a poster to canvas art - will allow you to add some abstract style to your home in any way you wish.