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Antarctica, the mysterious continent

Encompassing the south pole, a real modern day wilderness, Antarctica represents isolation at its extreme. It is a vast continent, largely uninhabited and almost entirely covered by a thick layer of ice. It has no government and Antarctica is regarded by signatories of the Antarctic treaty of 1959 as neutral politically. In short, this is one place on Earth where the impact of mankind is, at best, minimal.

"The Ice" as a poster

Largely situated within the Antarctic circle, Antarctica has no permanent human inhabitants, though it is home to many penguins, seals and other plant and wildlife, and a transient population of scientists from around the world. Its forbidding climate and landscape is, for many, its most charming appeal, and is the ideal backdrop for a fantastic poster.

An art print of Antarctica

Sweeping formidable landscapes counterpointed by cool glacial plateaus make perfect scenes for awe-inspiring photo art and a sublime poster. Bleak settings of absolute isolation can both stir the soul and calm rattled nerves, a serene poster of Antarctica invoking a primal tranquility and pensive relaxation in all who look upon it. At ARTFLAKES you can find the perfect inspirational poster or canvas print for your home or office.