Art Periods

Art Periods - Posters and Art Prints

Besides the large number of creative contemporary art that you can find here, ARTFLAKES wants to offer as well classic and world-wide known pieces of history of art. Due to the use of high technology these important masterpieces of history of art come into their own as one of our posters or art prints.

Famous masterpieces as Posters

On ARTFLAKES you will find the work of the greatest geniuses from each art period: Michelangelo, Dürer, Klimt, Ingres, Gauguin or Rembrandt are only a few of the most talented artists of history of art. ARTFLAKES presents them and their most impressive masterpieces. Other very famous artists are for example:

In particular art periods like the Renaissance, Impressionism, Classicism or Art Nouveau still fascinate us today. Due to the high-quality we use, our posters and art prints meet the demands of our artworks. Discover the world of art historical masterpieces and bring style and culture into your house.

Masterpieces of Art Periods as Gallery Print, Canvas or Greeting Cards

Mona Lisa's smile or “Blue Horse“ by Franz Marc are not only available as posters, but as well as gallery prints or canvas in high-quality. Greeting Cards with a motif of that importance appear to have a lot of class. In the wide range of images you will for sure find something you like.