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Black and white photographs

Black and white photographs are the end product of the first form of photography that was developed in the early 1800's, and they remained the norm for over 100 years before the development of color photography became refined enough to offer a viable alternative.

Classic black and white photographs

Even when the development of color had gathered enough steam to overtake, in decorative and artistic applications the black and white continued to reign supreme, garnering an air of prestige and classicism. Even now, in the digital age, where high resolution digital cameras are relatively affordable, many photographers still prefer to take black and white photographs.

A black and white poster

Black and white photographs remain popular for many reasons, the strong contrasts appeal to the eye and can create quite dramatic effects and stir deep emotions. Where color photographs mimic life as we experience it more closely, the black and white take on a more artistic function, which excites the imagination, making it ideal for a poster. A poster or art print on a stretched canvas featuring an elegant black and white photo would struggle to look out of place on the wall in any home. Indeed, as well as being arguably the most suitable form of photography for a poster, black and white has the added advantage of being incredibly versatile aesthetically. At ARTFLAKES there is a vast array of black and white photographs ready to be printed to a poster or canvas of your choice.