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Brooklyn Bridge History

The Brooklyn Bridge is known to be one of the oldest bridges in America. It was named the Brooklyn Bridge during the late 19th century, a period that would later be known as the start of the industrial revolution. Since it has opened it has become a historical landmark and an iconic part of New York's skyline. At one point it was the only route between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Bridge as a poster

The Brooklyn Bridge is still standing today while landmarks built at similar times have already long disappeared or collapsed because the architect built the Brooklyn Bridge on a system that was six times as strong as it should have been. As a poster the bridge is has an incredible viewpoint overlooking the New York skyline. Because of this it has become a common centerpiece in modern art work.

Brooklyn Bridge on Canvas

Throughout its history the Brooklyn Bridge has always been a great piece for either a poster, or art print as well as for a framed art. As a poster the bridge shows a great deal of Manhattan in it's scenery as well as Brooklyn. With the New York skyline usually displayed in the background the Brooklyn Bridge provides an artistic view point on a canvas or as a poster.